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Scalable clustering algorithm

What are the characteristics of data?
Compare the difference in each of the following clustering types: prototype-based, density-based, graph-based.
What is a scalable clustering algorithm?
How do you choose the right algorithm?
What are the characteristics of anomaly detection?
What are the detection problems and methods?
What are the statistical approaches when there is an anomaly found?
Compare and contrast proximity and clustering based approaches

Sample Solution

ple of the Study The society of study consists of Libyan industrial companies enlisted in Libyan financial market. The sample of the study includes all what can be obtained from the study society represented in the following two categories: 1. The category of general financial managers and departments managers. 2. The category of internal auditing office managers and internal auditors. 1.7. The Limits of the Study The study will only be devoted to the modern role of internal auditing in developing and evaluating the effectiveness of observation operations, risks managements and governing in Libyan industrial companies registered in Libyan financial market. 1.8. Previous Studies Most of the research papers that tackled these developments highlighted the significance of the role of internal audit in checking and evaluating the control systems and determination and evaluation of the dealing with the risks and governance. Yet, the function (or occupation) of internal auditing in Libya is still concentrating on the exercise of its traditional role and the playing of the supervision role and a summary of the results of previous studies that treated the topic may be presented by the Libyan environment as per the following: 1. Study of Beshir Mohamed Ashour (1990): This study aimed at evaluating the role of the internal auditing in the Libyan industrial companies in addition to the presentation of a theoretical base for the internal auditing in terms of its evolution and basic elements. It reached the following results: A- Unavailability of most of the components of independency required to be provided in the departments of internal auditing in the Libyan industrial companies. B- Unavailability of most of the basic requirements to secure the efficiency and qualification of internal auditors in most of the departments of the auditing in the Libyan industrial companies. C- The non-accomplishment by the internal auditors in the Libyan industrial companies of a great deal of tasks they ought to undertake. 2. Study of Abdelaziz Abed Abubakr: This study was presented to the first conference on the internal control, reality and horizons on 22-24/2/2005 in order to realize the objective of analyzing the reality of the function of internal auditing in the economic units. This study has hence targeted the economic units located within the scope of both Benghazi and Sirte Shaabiats and reached a result to the effect that the departments of internal auditing in the economic units focus only on the accoun

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