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A scandal is uncovered in your ministry. A high-profile leader has been embezzling money from the ministry and using it for sinful and criminal purposes. He initially denied any wrongdoing, however, when faced with the evidence he admitted his guilt. Because you are the ministry’s key leader, your phone won’t stop ringing and your inbox is flooded. Local news outlets want a comment. Anti-Christian critics are having a field day exposing “yet another” bunch of hypocrites. Your leadership team needs information and reassurance. And the man, along with his family, need to be dealt with.

In the midst of such an emergency, how would you speak to the media and community – in a way that is gospel-centered? What specific goals would you have for shepherding your team (or ministry employees) in the aftermath? Finally, what pastoral priorities should you have when dealing with the man, his wife, and their children? Your thread must engage the course readings and appropriate Scriptures to support your ideas.

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Steiner believed in reincarnation and that during the first 7 years the child is finding his or her way in the world so needs protection and a carefully planned environment during this time. Steiner’s theory of child development elaborated three cycles of seven-year stages, each with its own distinctive needs for learning: The will, 0-7 years – he believed the spirit fuses with the body at this stage. The heart, 7-14 years – he believed that the rhythmic system of the beating heart, the chest and the respiratory system meant that feelings were especially important during this time. The head, 14 years onwards – this is the period of thinking. (Bruce and Meggit, Childcare and Education page 495) There are a few schools in the UK, which use Steiner’s methods. These Waldorf schools are all in the private sector. Like Montessori, Steiner has had less influence on the public sector than on the private sector. All three of these early years educators have had a great influence of today’s practices in early years settings, especially Froebel’s ideas. All three opened their own schools, Froebel opened his first Kindergarten in 1840, Steiner introduced the Waldorf schools and Montessori opened the Montessori schools. Education is often designed to be ‘child centred,’ with the needs of the child central to the activities provided. Both Froebel and Steiner favoured this type of education. Steiner and Frobel’s theories which emphasise the importance of relationships and also, that schools should be communities in which the parents are welcome have had a great impact on today’s practices. Children in Steiner schools for example often stay with the same teacher for the whole of their primary education.

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