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Scenario Teaching Response

o understand the interrelatedness of listening, speaking, reading, and writing and using this knowledge to select and use effective strategies for developing
students’ literacy in English, the student will respond to one classroom scenario with two appropriate lesson plans.
First, read through the following scenarios and choose one. After choosing one scenario, develop two appropriate lesson plans for that scenario following
the directions below.
Lesson Plan 1 (Think of this as the first day of two days of plans): (From Making It Happen page 336 [the first part of #3]). Select a piece of literature that will
engage the minds of your students, and develop two pre-reading and two post-reading activities around it. The activities you choose should be based on the
literature that you have selected. Make sure the literature and the activities are appropriate for the age and proficiency levels of the students in the Scenario
you have chosen. Show evidence of having understood course material. Use pre- and post-reading activities from textbooks or course material. It is assumed
that you will be reading the literature during this lesson. Tell us how the students will participate in the reading of the literature, using a strategy from 50
Strategies for this part of the lesson.
Use the following format for organizing Lesson Plan 1:

Sample Solution

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