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School and college counseling

  1. After reading about school and college counseling, what ethical issues might be present in these settings that wouldn’t be present in individual or group counseling settings? What distinguishes the work of counselors in an academic setting?
  2. Work is a large part of an adult’s life (remember Freud’s comments about work and love). What stands out to you from the readings on career counseling and how this relates to the work of a counseling psychologist?
  3. One of the goals of counseling psychology is to help individuals attain and maintain good mental health. What are some of the key distinctions between the concepts of mental health vs. mental illness that a counseling psychologist would want to know? What mental health issues might we encounter as we age?
  4. As you reflect back on all that we have covered in this course, what are the most important things you have learned about counseling psychology? Pick three to four concepts that you feel have made a strong impact on your understanding of the field; discuss the concept and how it applies in the real world.

Sample Solution

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