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School Survey on Crime and Safety Dataset and Codebooks

• The dataset “is a cross-sectional survey of the nation’s public schools designed to provide estimates of school crime, discipline, disorder, programs and policies. Regular public schools were sampled. The data collection was conducted using a mail questionnaire with telephone follow-up. The data collection’s response rate was 62.9 percent. Key statistics produced from SSOCS:2016 include the frequency and types of disciplinary actions taken for select offenses; perceptions of other disciplinary problems, such as bullying, verbal abuse and disorder in the classroom; the presence and role of school security staff; parent and community involvement; staff training; mental health services available to students; and school policies and programs concerning crime and safety.” (National Center for Education Statistics, 2016, para. 1).

Post one of your three different types of research questions (i.e., descriptive question, relational question, or comparative question) based on the dataset you selected in Week 1. Then, post an appropriate research design for the question you post. Explain how the research question might promote positive social change.

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As indicated by the New York Times article, “Current full-time educational cost at four-year State University of New York schools for occupants is $6,470. . . . The state likewise gives almost $1 billion in help through its educational cost help program, which has a balanced gross salary point of confinement of just shy of $100,000. Those honors top out at $5,165; numerous awards are littler.” So an understudy may just need to cover $1,305 of their educational cost (and that is expecting they are not utilizing a Federal Pell Grant), however they can get up to $23,000 more than four years. What’s more, the school can’t prevent them from acquiring – despite the fact that when the understudy defaults on the advance, the school is considered responsible. It additionally makes one wonder, is a school training justified, despite all the trouble? Free school can possibly undermine tirelessness. Right now, most universities charge educational cost when an understudy rehashes a course. We should talk for a moment about the elements on a school grounds. At the point when looked with testing and thorough classes, a few understudies will acknowledge they are in peril of coming up short and play the “W” card. As in pulling back from the class. Contingent upon the reviewing framework at the school/college, a “W” evaluation may not factor into the evaluation point normal estimation. Be that as it may, pulling back from a class has money related consequences. In any event up to this point. When educational cost turns out to be free, I anticipate expanded maltreatment of pulling back from classes. All things considered, the monetary motivating force to complete what you begin has been expelled. Not withstanding the projections for understudy credit default increments and constancy diminishes there are likewise monetary and “decision” contemplations. As of now, forthcoming understudies select an establishment of their decision and afterward finance educational cost with gifts, grants, advances, and reserve funds. This enables private schools and open universities to seek a similar understudy, and understudies a

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