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Security Trends And Legal Issues

Write a paper exploring themes at the intersection of technology and policy. Select one of the following topics:

• Methods for reducing the level of international cybercrime

• Coping with the fragility of and lack of security on the Internet

• Establishing norms of national behavior in cyberspace, in peace and conflict

• Developing national legal support for norms

• The role and importance of declaratory national policies for cyberspace

• Creation of international risk mitigation frameworks

• Development of strategies that encourage international agreements

• Assess the risk of catastrophic attacks on national infrastructure.

• Should cyberspace be treated as a potential battlefield?

• Explore the impact of commercial cyber-espionage on advanced economies.

• Contrast European and American approaches to privacy on the Internet.

• Explore freedom of expression via the Internet within autocratic regimes.

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eater than the reach of the initial advert; an example of such was Iceland’s 2018 Christmas Ad which was knowingly in breach of political advertising rules dictated by the 2003 Communications Act, but in the process created a media storm and, subsequently, publicity greatly exceeding the original advert. Unless trusted, accepted and believed, marketing communications cannot succeed and so it is key to the success of advertising to abide by the rules. Failure to comply with the regulations of the CAP code could result in fines, prosecution or imprisonment. As a designer it is my responsibility to ensure my work complies with all codes laid out by CAP in order to build trust with the consumer and to create successful campaigns. As of October 2018 advertising is the least trusted profession in the UK (Figure 2) the rules of the CAP code need to be enforced and strictly followed before the public will regain faith in the sector. Economic This section will review the impact of the economy on the overall status of the digital advertisement sector. It will address the current UK market and evaluate the future of the industry using statistics and forecasts. In doing so it will determine the stability I can expect from pursuing a career in this area. Advertising expenditure in the UK is expected to reach over £26 billion in 2020. Ad spend has been increasing steadily over the last decade; up from 15.5 billion in 2010, with every year over this timeframe seeing considerable growth. However, Brian Wieser Business Intelligence at GroupM, states ‘the global economy has weakened in 2019 and recovery looks unlikely in 2020. In this environment, it is predicted advertising growth will slow down at a global level despite solid growth from the US and UK.’ (Wieser, 2019) Although Google and Facebook are on track to remain the largest two advertising platforms in the foreseeable future, Amazon is expected to experience significant growth this year and become the third-largest online presents. In 2019 Amazon quarterly ad revenues surpassed $4 billion for the first time in the fourth quarter. That brought the company’s annual advertising revenues in 2019 to roughly $14.1 billion, up 39% from $10.1 billion in 2018 (Figure 3/4). Digital advertising allows advertisers to use online technologies to bring promotional content to consumers. By the end of 2020, UK digital advertising spend is projected to be worth approximately 15.6 billion British pounds (Statistica,2020). Internet-related advertising is now the most important advertising medium globally, with $326 billion in ad revenue during 2020, up from $294

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