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Sensor Fusion

You are required to prepare and submit a project paper demonstrating an understanding of the course
“Unmanned Systems Sensing, Perception, and Processing” topics by creating an unmanned vehicle sensor
system design/configuration and theory of operation. For this project, you will need to perform the following:
Discuss the perceived need of a new sensing and processing subsystem as it relates to a current unmanned
system application, management practice, or operational policy and the need for safety, efficiency, and
effectiveness (why is it needed?).
Identify innovative new technologies, methods, processes, or concepts relating to your perceived need.
Provide a requirements specification associated with your perceived need (what it must be capable of, design
imposed limits, etc.).
Present possible sensing and processing options for unmanned systems based on the operational environment
and availability of new technology, methods, processes, or concepts.
Discuss the appropriateness of considered elements/components to support the intended use, including the
benefits, limitations, and constraints.

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However in an American study there was found to be reduced bullying and harassment if school polices were such that were more accepting of LBGT and in particular if …. Group were present in schools. LGBT Youth Scotland aim to increase confidence in professionals to fufil the needs of young people and improve inclusion in education; affect decisions and increase LGBTI visibility in Scotland. The LGBT schools charter has been developed to assist schools to meet these legislative needs and ensuring inclusion and by achieving the charter means the school will be a positive message that ‘equality and diversity are at the heart of your school’ ( ). Children and young people ought to be able to speak to those closest to them including teachers, about gender and other issues, and should feel safe in seeking their help and support; similarly those professionals should be able to recognize when young people needs their help and supportand be confident in addressing these issues with them (Stonewall 2017). Educators should also seek to include the parental support, as appropriate, to help to diminish any feelings of isolation and powerlessness and increase self esteem, which will go a long way to tackle dysfunction within education and remove the temptation of self harm and suicide (Sronewall 2017). School policy needs to support this rhetoric or teachers will not feel empowered to take on this responsibility and will have the effect of keeping young people silent (Lipkin 2018) and with this can lead to unfavourable consquences(.. In Scotland in a move towards inclusion of young transgender people, new guidelines from LGBT Scotland that would allow transgender pupils to share a changing area with others of the same gender identity, was challenged as being unfair to the privacy rights of girls with whom they would be sharing changing areas (Naysmith 2018). Mayock et al (2009) were optimistic in the resilience apparent in the lives of most participants in thei

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