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Serving in the military

Serving in the military for over 20 years I have seen a few different power theories attempted by different commanders. Since the military has a built in promotion system which delineates officer and enlisted, with a dash of warrant officers (highly specialized technical experts), it would seem that the work is done for any command. However, looking at the organizational power theory from Max Weber, he argued that managers positional authority gave them legitimacy. But, legitimate power can be seen and used even if the individual does not have the authority of position (Peek, 2020).

In the Army we are evaluated yearly, or when we have a change in leadership. Part of that evaluation is based on how well we communicate and lead our Soldiers. The other piece is extending influence outside of the chain of command. This is how positive change happens in the military. Unlike the theory of Karl Marx who believed that certain parts of society should hold the power, while the others were subordinates to them, the military has the separation of officer and enlisted by virtue of focus (Grauer, 2017). This military power theory gives focus to the officers on more management of function, while the enlisted non-commissioned officer focuses more on the troops and operations. Currently, the theory being used is the Mintzberg model, where managers essentially have three role clusters. These roles are informational, interpersonal and decisional. Each cluster has specific pieces that the manager is expected to provide such as in the interpersonal role, they must be a figurehead, a leader and a liaison (Tawk, 2021). I believe this theory is being used based on the need of the military to show the complexity required of effective leaders. In past examples of military leadership training focus was based on acts of heroism or extreme charisma. While these do serve a place and a purpose, the average military leader needs to have a model to serve as a blueprint to lead their units effectively, while meeting mission requirements, maintaining readiness and keeping morale.

An excellent example of the Mintzberg theory I recently saw was a new officer came to my section. Since I have longevity with the Soldiers, he came to me to get the ‘lay of the land’ on his company he would be leading. As I gave him the information, we received a fairly urgent mission request, which shifted our focus. He expertly applied this model to how he approached the troops, secured resources, liaised with adjacent units and kept everyone informed. Once things had settled down we conducted an after action review. That was when he told me about the Mintzberg model and showed me the steps he took in applying not only to how he approaches the unit, but to situations when they arise. By investing time into each of the three main clusters, he was able to handle the issue, while gaining the trust of the Soldiers as being a competent leader.

Sample Solution

Dark Holes GuidesorSubmit my paper for investigation representation of a dark holeThe measure of astounding logical disclosures being made these days is unfathomably high. Consistently, humankind finds something that either affirms or prevents the current comprehension from securing the Universe. Nonetheless, there still are various secrets that space experts are on the cusp of settling. Among such puzzles are dark openings—being maybe the most mainstream and notable (because of mass culture) space wonder—which are one of the least inquired about. As a rule, a dark gap is a space object having extraordinary thickness; its mass is so colossal, and the individual gravitational fascination is ground-breaking to the point, that even light can't get away from its snare. This is the reason they are called 'dark openings'— you can't see them without exceptional gadgets, since there is no light in where a dark gap is. The principal individual to have anticipated this wonders was Albert Einstein, and the term 'dark gap' showed up in 1967, presented by the American stargazer John Wheeler. Be that as it may, just in 1971 was the primary dark gap found ( Be that as it may, how dark gaps show up? Science offers us the accompanying clarification: when a huge star consumes the remainder of its 'fuel,' it might begin crumbling under its own mass, falling in on itself until it therapists to an article a lot littler than the first star, yet with a similar mass—the excellent dark gap ( Nobody knows precisely what is happening inside dark openings. A mainstream sci-fi subject (brought up in the ongoing film 'Interstellar,' for instance) alludes to what occurs in the event that someone falls into a dark gap. Some accept dark gaps to be the anticipated wormholes to different pieces of the Universe. Others make less awesome proposals. In any case, what is really astounding about dark openings is the manner by which they mutilate existence. On the off chance that an individual 'falls' into a dark gap, for an outcast, the development of this individual will back off, except if it at long last freezes ( In addition, as indicated by Stephen Hawking, the mind blowing gravity of a dark opening will be interminably extending this individual long. Be that as it may, for the individual 'falling' into a dark gap, time will appear to go obviously—and, separately, this individual won't notice any spacial mutilations either. Another mainstream question is, "The thing that occurs if a dark gap gets excessively near Earth?" Black gaps don't move around space. Nothing terrible will happen to Earth, in light of the fact that no dark opening is sufficiently close to the nearby planetary group to devour our planet. Be that as it may, if hypothetically a dark opening, having a similar mass as the sun, had its spot, nothing would happen at any rate. A similar mass methods a similar gravity, so the planets of the Solar System would keep circling the dark gap as though nothing had occurred ( Dark gaps are an incredible space marvel, with its properties being strange. Despite the fact that anticipated and portrayed a century back, they despite everything have perhaps the greatest problem for researchers. Beginning from crumbled stars, dark gaps have such a tremendous gravity, that they can twist reality. Be that as it may, as researchers guarantee, Earth isn't at serious risk—yet. References Redd, Nola Taylor. "What is a Black Hole?" N.p., n.d. Web. 10 Aug. 2015. "10 Amazing Facts about Black Holes." Universe Today. N.p., 22 Jan. 2015. Web. 10 Aug. 2015. Dunbar, Brian. "What is a Black Hole?" NASA. NASA, n.d. Web. 10 Aug. 2015. disclosure exposition, environme

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