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Seven Core Principles for Wealth and Giving

In the book, God and Money: How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School, the authors present Seven Core Principles for Biblical Wealth and Giving. Select one of the Seven Principles and write a three-page (APA format) paper including the following:


Your understanding of the principle
Biblical support for the principle other than what the authors have stated
Present another person’s viewpoint on the principle (it can be supportive or in contrast to the authors’ position). The resource can be a book, an article, a sermon, or another type of presentation

Sample Solution

The 1952 winter Olympics took places in Oslo, Norway and began on February 14th to the 25th. It was known as the VI Olympic winter games and held 694 athletes. Norway, United States, and Finland did the best, Norway placed first, United States second, and Finland third. There were ten competitive venues during the 1952 winter Olympics, six were held in Oslo and the other four were held in Baerum, Skedsmo, Drammen, and Krodsherad. There were 8 noncompetitive venues, five were held in Oslo, and three in Krodsherad. Bislett stadium was the main venue during the 1952 winter Olympics because it was used for noncompetitive and competitive activities, it held the opening and closing ceremony of the winter games. The seven other noncompetitive venues were Billeting quarters for the participants. There was no known track of attendance but this Olympics was known for the number of people who watched the events. Sochi, Russia hosted the 2014 winter Olympics in 2014 and it started February 7th to the 23rd. There was a record number of 2,873 athletes who competed in the winter Olympics, also they were from 88 different countries who competed in 98 events across 7 sports. Russia won the Olympics with 33 medals, United states came second with 28 medals, and Norway came third with 26 medals. The venues for the winter Olympics were divided into two clusters, a coastal cluster and a mountain cluster. Seven of the venues were located by the Black Sea in Alder City and five venues were located outside Alder City in the mountains. In Alder City is where they built the Olympic village which consisted of 47 buildings and could hold 75,000. This is where journalists, athletes and Olympic workers would stay and the broadcasting station was also in the village. The village was located there so people were walking distance away from the venues in the Costal l cluster. It took Sochi, Russia $51 billion dollars total for the winter Olympic games when they planned to only spend $12 billion. The games had 2.1 billion people worldwide watched on the broadcast of the games. The Russian federation established a public transportation plan in Sochi. They prepared in 2009, 5 years before the winter Olympics. Other Sports/Events Held at Venue and Improvements/Changes Made Since 1952 Oslo Winter Games–Bislett Stadium Normally with these venues after their initial purpose which is for the Olympics they usually sit and rot and aren’t used much or at all. Surprisingly, the two different venues talked about in our paper have in fact been put to great use for years after the Olympics for numerous different events and sports. Starting with Bislett Stadium that was the main stadium used for the 1952 Olympics Games in Oslo. After the Olympics, Bislett Stadium hosted an annual track and field event in the IAAF Golden League that has been known as the Bislett Games since 1965. The v

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