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effective it is. There are several techniques you can use to change your lifestyle and manage stress to avoid depression. Even though the triggers that can cause depressive episodes are different for every individual, there are some universal preventative measures that can work for anyone suffering from depression. These measures include regular exercise, a healthy diet, stable relationships, an adequate amount of sleep, limited time spent on social media, and minimal drug and alcohol use. All of these techniques are helpful in sustaining a low stress level which reduces the possibility of depression. Exercising regularly is one of, if not the, most beneficial things you can do for your mental health. Exercise helps in the prevention of depression in three key ways. First, exercise increases the body temperature which has a calming effect on the central nervous system. Second, it releases endorphins which are chemicals that improve mood. Finally, exercise reduces chemicals in the immune system that are known to worsen depression. There are many kinds of physical exercise that help prevent depression, but exercising regularly is the most effective treatment for depression. Another preventative measure for depression is maintaining a healthy diet. There have been studies done that have proven regularly consuming a diet with high-fat has similar effects as chronic stress in terms of causing depression. Additionally, an unhealthy diet deprives the body of vital nutrients it needs to maintain mental and physical health. In order to prevent depression through maintaining a healthy diet, there are four guidelines you should follow. First being that your meals should have lean protein with fruits and vegetables. Second, make sure to cut out foods with high-sugar and high-fat. Third, eliminate as many processed food as possible. Finally, do your best to incorporate foods with Omega-3’s, which are salmon and nuts. In addition to maintaining a healthy diet in order to prevent depression, building strong and stable relationships is very important for our mental health. Research has shown that attaining even an “adequate” social support can help prevent depression. Attending social events as often as you can where you can meet new people and build new relationships is necessary to maintain a healthy mental state. Getting a healthy amount of sleep is necessary for both mental and physical health. There have been sleep studies that have proven people with insomnia tend to have a higher risk for developing depression than those who sleep well. Some tips to get better sleep include not looking at any screens at least two hours before bed, mediating prior to sleeping, having a comfortable mattress, and avoiding any caffeine after noon. There have been several studies done on how social media negatively affects an individual’s elf esteem. Decreasing time spent on social media is a given for preventing depression. Social media can be addicting but it is not a necessity. In order to limit time spent on social media, you can delete all social apps on your phone, use website-blocking extensions that only permit a certain amount of time spent on certain websites, and only having a purpose to go onto social media instead of using it because of boredom. The final way to prevent depression is to reduce drug and alcohol use. Excessive use of these substances are not only associated with higher risks of depression, but higher risks of depression relapse. Limiting alcohol intake while eliminating any drug use is your best bet for preventing depression. Despite limiting alcohol being difficult in some social situations, there are ways you can persevere. When it’s happy hour, you can order an appetizer and straight cranberry juice instead

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