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Site Planning

  1. A property owner is seeking to build a convenience store. If they do not want to go to public hearing
    (permitted by right), which Zoning and FLU designations must be in place on the property? Additionally,
    what is the maximum FAR permitted if the property is in the Urban/Suburban Tier and is w/o a PDD?
  2. How many TOTAL parking spaces are required for a 100-unit multi-family development?
  3. What FLU and zoning combinations permit a Zero-Lot Line development?
  4. How many TOTAL parking spaces are required for a 25-room hotel (use decimal if applicable)?
  5. What use definition would an automotive oil-change shop be categorized under?
  6. A. A property has a FLU designation of CL, and is located within the Urban/Suburban Tier w/o a PDD,
    what is the max FAR (hint: it should be a decimal)?
    B. If a property is 3 AC, what is the maximum building area size with a CL FLU designation?
  7. How many units (maximum) can you develop on a 275 AC. property with a FLU designation of RR-2.5?
  8. If a new multi-family development is proposed adjacent to an existing commercial property, will a
    buffer be required? If so, what kind and dimension will be required?
  9. What is the front setback required and maximum building/lot coverage for an RM district?
  10. If a buffer required for a 60 ROW? If so, how wide is the buffer?
  11. Is a Single Family use permitted in any commercial zoning district (applicable one we discussed in
    class)? If so, which one(s)?
  12. Which zoning district(s) (applicable one we discussed in class) is an indoor flea market allowed?
  13. How many acres are in a property that is 675,000 SF?
  14. How many SF are in a 42 AC. property?

Sample Solution

treated more leniently in the Criminal Justice System due to the fact they are not considered as being capable of being criminally motivated, and thus are reluctant to sentence them as harshly as men. Elizabeth Stanko (1994) argued that male violence is ‘downplayed’ and ‘normalised’ as it is difficult for people to accept women’s violence, despite any mitigating factors that may exist. With regards to the data and evidence discussed in this section, it appears that if a woman is violent, she becomes an aberration in the eyes of not only the jury, but also the media and the general public too. Undoubtedly, women who commit violent crimes should too be punished for their actions, however why should it be that women are subject to longer sentences than men for the same type of crime, or even a lesser crime, simply because they are classed as ‘doubly evil’ in the eyes of society? This implies that there are gendered perceptions not only surrounding violence, but also women and men, and if equality is to exist within the Criminal Justice System, then these disparities should be addressed. Gender bias against men The graph below shows the prison population of England and Wales, starting from the 20th Century to 2014. As mentioned previously, there are 20.6 times as many men than women in prison. Although it has been proven that men commit far more crimes than women, 20 times more seems like an extremely large difference. In order to gauge the number of crimes that each gender has committed, it is necessary to explore the number of sentences that have passed on a yearly basis, in other words, the number of cases that go to court where the verdict is guilty and a sentence is obligatory. The table below shows that in England and Wales there have been over three times more men sentenced per year than women, and the ratio has fallen between 2006 and 2012. However, this incites a

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