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Social Engineering

What is social engineering? Simply put, it is “any act that influences a person to take action that may or may not be in their best interest.” Social engineering is a term that encompasses a broad spectrum of malicious activity.

Select one of the following social engineering attack techniques:

Watering hole.
Spear phishing.
Use a Web search engine and search for information about your selected social engineering attack, or visit The Most Common Social Engineering Attacks [Updated 2020].

In addition, find articles about an instance where the chosen social engineering attack was used.

In a 1–2 page paper, respond to the following items:

Describe the attack in detail.
Describe the technique of the attacks.
Describe the effects of the attack both in general and in the specific instance you found.
Discuss three ways to prevent the attack. Provide a rationale.

Sample Solution

of the blame and claim culture by labelling it a ‘compensation culture’ which disturbingly is having a larger impact on future generations than we may realise because we have created a world where outdoor play is ‘criminalised’ (Louv, 2010: 31). As a result, children’s physical and character development are being deprived of stimulus. This culture is spreading due to the increasing use of social media meaning the view of risk is no longer shared between adults but also worryingly children. Children are subconsciously fed fear not just from the adults around them, but from virtual reality and social media. This creates the foundation of a society where individuals continuously and subconsciously carry out risk assessments and manage risks in all aspects of their life. (Backett-Milburn, Harden, 2004: 430). The most common examination in sources available concerning risk takes place where the majority of children spend their only time outdoors and in school playgrounds. This place society once deemed safe enough for children to play outside, pushing the limits of adventure without the shadow of adults looking over them. Now it is over ridden by the increasing concern of how risk is being managed within schools due to the fear of litigation and compensation claims. This causes many teachers and providers to restrict the opportunity for children to experience fun and adventure to reduce the potential risk of injury. This comes at the expense of potentially banishing the chance of fundamental opportunities for children to experience a healthy range of challenges without which their character and physical development will be hindered or damaged

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