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Social Fallacies

Specialists in communication are often hired to clean up problems created by unthoughtful messaging. While advocates dedicate significant amounts of time and energy promoting causes, they often struggle to clearly identify their logical positions. To further the problem, in light of clear arguments advocates commonly utilize informal fallacies to persuade their target audiences. These weaknesses tend to create easily avoidable communications crises. The first step is to identify the communicative problems.
For this assignment, identify a social issue you are personally interested in learning more about, advocating for the cause, or are against it, and identify fallacious reasoning.

In 750-1,000 words:

Research an advocate (individual or organization) that promotes a relevant social issue. Identify the organization and explain the relevancy of the social issue.
Show the steps you took to translate the position/argument you researched into a clear logical form by writing out the logical premises and conclusions from the material presented by the advocate.
Identify a minimum of five informal fallacies that are made by the advocate. Explain the fallacies themselves and how each functions.

Sample Solution

y all, an overwhelming amount of discrimination has been evident when the thought of a transgender person serving our country is brought up. Being that the U.S. military is a 100% voluntary service, everybody has the right to join, no matter what race, ethnicity or gender you identify as. Many U.S. citizens are not aware what the term transgender means. Transgender refers to someone who does not identify as the same sex that they were assigned at birth ( For example, an individual who was assigned female at birth, now goes by the pronouns he/him and identifies as a male. Many U.S. citizens also do not understand that this action is not a choice, and that people experiencing this identification switch seem to have been born into the incorrect bodies. Easily mistaken as emotional instability, The American Psychiatric Association makes it clear that “gender nonconformity is not in itself a mental disorder”, but instead, studies have shown that the transgender brains resemble more closely to the gender identified as, rather than the gender assigned at birth ( Clearly, all of these misconceptions of transgender persons can corrupt or influence one’s decision on whether or not they believe transgenders should be granted military service. If a transgender person is ready, willing and capable of doing the job, why shouldn’t they be granted access into the U.S. military? Not including the United States, there are 18 running countries who allow transgender persons to serve in the military ( According to the RAND Corporation Study of 2016, studies have shown that around 2,000 to 11,000 transgender military personnel have already served in demanding jobs and have been deployed overseas ( Regarding the transgenders that are already serving for the military, Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard leaders have informed Congress that they have yet to see any issues with their transgender troops ( After interviews with superior military personnel, their statements should be enough to sway your opinion all together. General Robert Neller, commandant of the Marine Corps, stated, “As long as they can meet the standard of what their particular occupation was, I think we’ll move forward” ( While Captain J. Caputo of the United States Coast Guard preached, “Any person with a male body must meet male service standards; anyone with a female body

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