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Social Movements

Social Movements are only as important as the person leading them. The person(s) leading a social movement must have charisma and be able to captivate an audience. Political scientists and historians are taught to analyze body language, especially during debates and speeches. For this assignment, you will watch Dr Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream ( speech and a speech by Alicia Garza of the Black Lives Matter movement ( and answer questions listed below. Pay special attention to the following aspects in the two speeches. Importance of body language while delivering the speech. Gestures, cadence and delivery style. Answer the following Provide a summary of the two speeches. Compare Dr. King’s leadership, charisma, power and passion to capture his audience to Alic​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​ia Garza’s speech. What are the similarities, if any? What are the differences, if any? How does the location of the speeches support their messaging? Dr. King’s speech was held in a church and at the Lincoln Memorial, whereas today we have social networking and more avenues to relay messages. Does messaging make a difference? Describe how the audience in Dr. King’s speeches relate to the Alicia Garza’s audience. Do you see a similarity or differences in the speeches and in the audience?

Sample Solution

he notion that the learning of grammar is a linear, step-by-step process has largely been replaced by an organic, even metaphorical, view in which the development of grammatical competence is seen in terms of process as well as product” II. TYPES OF ACTIVITIES AND LESSON PLANS USED IN METHODS AND APPROACHES FOR TEACHING VERB TENSES THROUGH TRANSLATION For the past century, grammar teaching had its ups and downs. Methods and approaches for teaching a second/foreign language placed grammar on extremes: some put emphasis on its use, others dismissed it altogether. Translation had had an even gloomier faith. After the period of Grammar Translation and Formal Language Methods had passed, translation was considered an impediment to acquiring L2 competences, not allowing learners to gain proficiency in using the language. The methods and approaches for teaching grammar and using translation (as a tool for understanding the required tasks or even as learning activities) had a variety of activities that even today teachers find them useful in classrooms. After years of experimenting one method or another, the educators drew the line to appreciate what mistakes not to make and that, to improve their learners’ proficiency in L2, they can mix activities from different methods and approaches. The following samples of exercises and lesson plans are based on the main three methods (Grammar-Translation, Audio-Lingual Methods and Communicative Approach) which used translation as a learning method, or at least as a tool to help learners to comprehend the assigned tasks. Also, Grammar-Translation and Audio-Lingual Methods considered grammar important to understand the formation of a language. Grammar Translation Method was based on translating texts, long lists of words and learning grammar structures with no chance to use the language practically. The activities did not require knowing how to speak the language. The learners had to recognize grammatical rules and their application as in the following examples. The enunciation was in the learners’ native language.

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