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Social Work and Human Services

Prepare a reflection of at least two pages in which you define your family
and incorporate the following concepts: family cycle, family type, structure,
evolution, roles, values, norms, patterns, communication and type of parenting. Prepare an ecomap and genogram (up to the 3rd generation) of your family. Come

Sample Solution

she found it increasing difficult to cope. Miss X could not verbalise her feelings and her stress manifested its self in childlike behaviours and self-harm. Given Miss X moved in just before her 18th birthday she was outside of the remit for CAMH’s. She had been referred to the Therapeutic Support Service [TSS] prior to turning 18 to give her additional support in managing the transition to independent living. This referral was expedited due to growing concerns around Miss X’s emotional wellbeing. Miss X was initially reluctant to attend these appointment’s as she felt ‘stupid’ and she was worried she could not convey her feelings. Miss X felt let down by the system and helpless as she was could not cope living on her own. At that moment all of the literature and research I had studied was staring back at me. Miss X was a vulnerable young person who due to her neglectful childhood and care history was faced with difficulties she had no tools to cope, she felt hopeless and abandoned and didn’t know how to accept help and support to develop the tools needed to progress. As she cried, I reassured her if she tried working with TSS she had nothing to lose but a lot to gain from their intervention. Discussing this in supervision I raised at the moment Miss X broke down, I automatically assumed the role as a problem solver, I had to ‘fix’ Miss X’s problems, learning from this module highlighted my reaction to problem solve can be viewed within the ‘Drama Triangle. In this scenario, I can view Service Users’ as the ‘victim’ and have myself in the role of the ‘rescuer’ (Burgess, 2005). Adopting the role as ‘rescuer’, is sometimes necessary in times of crisis however discussing this in supervision, I reflected that this can compound the power imbalance between worker and service user. To be empowering my role should be to encourage Miss X to engage with services that support her to develop her tools and resources that is if a crisis arises again she can draw on her own positive coping strategies to manage thus enabling her to achieve better outcomes for herself [Huston 2015] Miss X began working with a Psychologist from TSS, to ensure all professionals involved were working consistently and coherently a multidisciplinary case review was convened. This was a very positive experience of multidisciplinary working an information sharing with the view of improving outcomes for Miss X. From this all professio

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