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Stakeholder’s influence in the decision-making process

Examine why is it important to identify stakeholders and the project team early on when undertaking a project.
Identifying and engaging the stakeholder’s influence in the decision-making process from the initial phase of any project is crucial for support and resource; they can be an effective participant sharing various expert ideas to attain a long-term sustainable and successful outcome. Therefore, trustworthiness, prioritization, and ongoing effective communication through face-to-face or virtual meetings or teleconference and feedback must be continuous throughout the end of the project.

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races is also a challenge for foreign investors (Global Indonesian Voices, 2013). Foreign investment and company establishment, 2015 defines that to establish a business in Indonesia is not an easy task. If the foreign company does not want to invest in the local entity and establish an independent identity, he first has to select a agent and distributor or open a representative office in the Indonesia. If the business shows the sign of growing, then foreign investor will apply for a company status. The foreign investor will establish the office according to the line of business and the government will open essential licences, the main disadvantage of opening representative office is that they cannot conduct direct sales and issue bill of lading. Entry Strategies: The foreign countries can take advantage of various business opportunities by adopting various entry mode strategies. Different writers describe different entry mode strategies. According to Cullen and Parboteeah 2011, entry mode strategies are Exporting, Strategic Alliance and Foreign Direct Investments. (Phatak, Bhagat & Kashlak 2009) defines exporting, licencing, countertrade, contract manufacturing, non-equity strategic alliance, equity based joint venture, wholly owned subsidiaries. While (Meyer, Estrin, Bhaumik & Pen 2009) has described Greenfield, Acquisition, Joint Venture as three entry strategies in the emerging markets. Here I am going to describe three viable strategies: Three Entry Strategies: Equity Based Venture: In this strategy, a company can enter into foreign market by holding equity ownership and control of company through foreign direct investment. These type of ventures are useful in that countries where the risk is low, markets are stable. These can be done for various purposes like to obtain raw materials, to make products for export to home country. Equity based ventures are further divided into wholly owned and joint venture (Phatak, Bhagat & Kashlak 2009). Wholly Owned Subsidiaries: Subsidiaries in which foreign countries has full control and ownership in the host countries are called wholly owned subsidiaries. These are of two types: Greenfield: Greenfield means set up a new entity in foreign company from scratch by using locally available sources. Acquistions: It means to capture the existing business running in the forei

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