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Successful Business Communication

After reading Business Etiquette throughout the Organization, explain, through your own experience, why it is important to use the communication practices the author has described. In your response, address the following:

Describe which of the top 10 “dos and don’ts” is most challenging for you.
Explain why it would be important for you to improve any areas that you deem challenging, based on importance of effective business communications.
Describe the benefits and include a minimum of one scholarly and/or credible source to support your response.

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derstanding of the crosslinking surgery. I experienced that when patient comes for cross-linking surgery they forget or misunderstand the information about the surgery which was provided to them at the clinic appointment. Even though at clinic, the clinicians provide leaflets and explain to the patient about surgery, still most of the time they fail to retain the information maybe because of a wide gap in time between the day of surgery and the clinic appointment (referred clinic), moreover, the patients attend surgery directly without any preassessment. As a result, there are cancellation or patient don’t attend the surgery or the patient has anxiety prior to surgery. Hence, the preoperative education maybe the right time to re-educate patient about the various stages, procedures and results of surgery. The lack of patient engagement, poor understanding of surgery and the poor communication before surgery may also lead to non-adherence of regimes post-operatively care. The appropriate and clear information, empathic, two-way communication and regard for patients’ concerns gives patients the ability to make informed decisions and thus, have more control over their care. The purpose of this study is to analyse factors which can enhance patient knowledge/understanding of cross-linking procedure and reduce stress and anxiety. To analyse nurse-led pre-operative patient education is helpful including feelings of preparedness, confidence and the satisfaction of patients undergoing surgery Research Hypothesis: The research hypothesis that was derived for this proposal is: By introducing Nurse led patient education session, which can enhance and improve Patient understanding of the procedure, preoperative satisfaction, experience and information undergoing cross-linking procedure, hence reducing stress and anxiety. It will also help to reduce cancellation which furthermore help to optimize theatre resources. Null Hypothesis: The patient’s experience, satisfaction and knowledge cannot be improved or enhanced. Aim: To enhance patient understanding of the cross-linking by giving information to the patient which is suitable to the understanding of the patient. To create and implement on-site or online or telephone

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