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Supply Chain Management

Trucking companies no longer merely carry goods from one place to another. Some also provide supply chain management services to their customers and help them manage their information. In this project you’ll use the Web to research and evaluate two of these business services.
Investigate the Web sites of two companies, J. B. Hunt and Schneider Logistics, to see how these companies’ services can be used for supply chain management. Using the information found in those sites as well as your own outside research, create an essay in which you answer the following questions:

What supply chain processes can each of these companies support for their clients?
How can customers use the Web site of each company to help them with supply chain management?
Compare the supply chain management services provided by these companies. Which company would you select to help your firm manage its supply chain? Why?

Sample Solution

to several of the most important advances in film sound technology. Dolby’s A-type noise reduction system was first developed for the professional music recording industry, but later applications to film sound recording were shown to be highly beneficial in reducing the inherent noise levels in both magnetic and optical recordings. The lower noise achieved with optical soundtracks, in particular, would eliminate the need for the extreme treble cutoff specified in the Academy standard, leading to sound with greater clarity and improved dynamic range.” ( Although this sound technology was groundbreaking it also had its drawbacks as it could easily be affected by outside elements like dust or scratches thus effecting its quality, during the 1980’s, professional audio/sound industries were making exceptional progress in incorporating the two visual and audio industries in relation to digital audio. The first digital sound system for film was Cinema Digital Sound (CDS), a combined development between the Kodak Company and Optical Radiation Corporation. This was a new era for film entering the digital technology age where a digital time code was printed on the visual track as and used to sync the CD player with films such as Batman returns and Jurassic Park (1993). Although television came about in the 1927 created by a male inventor called Philo Taylor Farnsworth, it wasn’t that popular as no-one could afford it due to it being so expensive. In 1940 the first 3D television (not 3D as we understand it today) was demonstrated by John Logie Baird. The television really didn’t pick up popularity until 1945, as this was when world war two ended, during wartime the finances of the country and time given by people where dedicated to other efforts. There was a lot of rebuilding and cleaning up after World War 2, meaning people would earn more money for themselves and be able to afford a television set for their living rooms, although most houses had the one television as this is all the could afford. This was brilliant, especially after the war, as it brought comfort to families and homes. Television saw the decline of movie theatre attendance during the 1950s for the reasons stated above, the Crt this is a computer monitor television that was then brought into existence in the late 1950s within the United States. Although the television was popular all over the world it was an extremely popular time for England, in the 1953, it was the year of the Queen’s coronation which was narrated by presenter Richard Dimbleby. The population of televisions went up rapidly from 14% in 1952, to 21% in 1953 and 31% in 1954. In 1955 there was a small variet

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