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Supreme Court

Complete a case essay on any United States Supreme Court case that involves an interpretation of the Constitution – this encompasses most of the cases that come before the Supreme Court. However, please choose a case that was heard by the Supreme Court from 2009 to the present. Again, please do not choose a case that is older than 2009. This will help ensure that you are writing your essay on current, relevant case law. – Your essay should be around 2 pages and contain the following information: – Who is involved in the case? – How has the case moved through the legal system (who filed it, in what court? What appellate court heard it? How did it get to the Supreme Court?)? – What was the issue in the case? – What did the Court decide? (note that the US Supreme Court is called “Court”, not “court” and not “SCOTUS”) – What was the Court’s analysis (WHY did they decide as they did)? – Did any Justices dissent, and if so, what did they have to say? – What is the impact of this case? If you can’t find a good case, you can always message me f​‌‍‍‍‌‍‍‌‍‌‌‍‍‍‌‍‌‌‌‍​or ideas. If you search on Nexis Uni or OYEZ you should be able to find something. Please remember that if you cut and paste something from the internet into your assignment, that is plagiarism and you will receive a 0 for the assignment and be reported to the school. Please note that any site ending with “pedia”is not a reliable site and will not be accepted as a resource. The rubric for this assignment is attached. Please note: Papers will be automatically added to and checked against the standard Turnitin repositories. Originality reports will be returned to the faculty and student in roughly 15 minutes of the submission. Multiple submissions are allowed

Sample Solution

achieved. In Nigeria this is a problem that is being addressed, though not much has been done until recent times. Huge government funds that should have been allocated into improving the wellbeing of Nigerians is going into top government officials’ pockets. This is a huge problem as many Nigerian officials are living better off at the expense of millions of Nigerians who do not have an adequate standard of living. For instance Former President Goodluck Jonathan has been accused of embezzling an astonishing $15 billion worth of public funds during his 5 year term as President. Former President Goodluck Jonathan is only one of the many high ranked officials who have committed such offences. Under Jonathan’s presidency, Nigeria’s corruption levels had peaked, with Transparency International ranking the West African nation as the 136th most corrupt nation out of the 167 nations that were surveyed. Inadequate Infrastructure Despite the efforts made to improve infrastructure in Nigeria, Mr Tony Elumelu and other Nigerian Africapitalists believe that there is much more that can be done. Load shedding or intermittent power outages is still a prominent problem that hinders many businesses in rural areas from operating efficiently and effectively. The limited number of innovation hubs hinder further processing of creative innovations. Other infrastructures such as roads slow down transportation of goods across the country which in turn slows down economic growth within Nigeria. In short, distribution channels for products to the customers is generally affected when the road networks are not well maintained. Distribution of supplies to remote schools and health facilities become a challenge. High Government Maintenance Cost High ranking government officials in Nigeria allocate themselves more money per ministry than the government budget allocated. This in turn leaves the government bank balance in huge deficits. Under the the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian military was allocated funds of roughly 2 billion USD to purchase weapons, however it was later discovered that high ranking army officials split the funds amongst themselves. Some of the army officials were arrested for these actions however this is only one of the many cases of over supply of budget in government ministries. Such acts of exploitation put the citizens of Nigeria at the risk of exposure to poverty. Figure 4: Graph showing the increase in government spending

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