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Sustainability is a growing demand for performance practitioners

  1. Sustainability is a growing demand for performance practitioners to address. Explain the role and function of evaluation in creating and demonstrating sustainability. (Keep in mind that sustainability may have two meanings – sustaining the change requested or economic and environmentally sustainable options. Remember to speak to both).
  2. Choose one leadership development approach. Defend it based on learning theories that support this type of learning.
  3. You have taken a position as half-time learning and development/half-time HR professional in small but rapidly growing business. The previous incumbent filled out forms, filled them, and taught an orientation class for new employees. You want to align these departments with the organization’s real needs. You do not really have time between form-filling, filling and teaching to execute a needs assessment. Identify three steps you can take to better align your work with the organization’s needs and make this function more valuable and visible.
  4. The end of the fiscal year has come around. Your Chief Learning Officer has asked that you compile an evaluation of the L&D department’s efforts and recommendations for next year’s major initiatives. How will you go about this? What data will you look for and analyze? What key points will you want to make?
  5. Explicit and tacit knowledge play a role in both individual learning and in collective learning. Explain how these two types of knowledge impact practitioners’ choice of interventions.
  6. Recently leadership development has been fine-tuned to address transition points as leaders move from individual contributor to front-line leader (supervisor), from front-line leader to manager of front-leaders, from manager to department/division head, from department head to director (junior executive), from director to executive, from executive to senior executive. Consider the kinds of leadership development discussed in the text and the learning theories discussed. Based on that information is this move to learning focused on audience-specific situations appropriate? Why or why not? Cite examples and research.

Sample Solution

users that has communication difficulties and language needs and as well I need to communicate with the key people who can make difference to our service users’ health and well-being such as families, friends, carers or advocates. With the designed activities I need to encourage them to participate in the activities and explaining to them the benefit that they can get out of the activities. In carrying out the activities, I need to ensure that service users are safe from harm and danger by ensuring that all the equipments and materials are safe to use. I need to make sure as well that every activities that our service users’ are into it should be documented and recorded and must be put into their care plans. And lastly, if there are some modification or changes regarding the activities, it should be reviewed and ensure that proper re-assessment is in place. Regular health checks with our service users’ should be provided and accessible as part of their care package. This is very important for every service users to ensure that they are healthy and if not intervention can be made. Regular health checks in our home include regular appointment with their General Practitioners, physiotherapist, neurologist, speech and language therapists to name some. They are also given the opportunity to attend the annual health routine check to ensure that they are healthy. In the nursing home setting like my home the medication administration to service users is one the job role for a qualified staff. All qualified staff needs to be well trained when it comes to the administration of medication to ensure that it is being administered properly. Some of the service users are independent and it needs just a minimal support to be able to take the tablet. This is another activity for the service users. However, the service users still got the choice regarding their medication if they want to have it or not as long as qualified staff encourages them and explaining to them the benefits of the tablet. Promoting healthy lifestyle choices is being observed in the home. The service users are given the opportunity to choose and select which options are suitable for them. An example of which is Mrs. DR one of our service user who still got a good memory. Technology is widely use in the home which includes, mobile phones, telephone and gadgets such as tablet/laptop. Mrs. DR has her phone in her bedroom as per her choice, this enables her to contact her friends and relatives outside the home. She is fun of using laptop wherein she can play her games (word games, drawings) and some other games which stimulates her mind. Another thing is the so-called assistive technology, equipments that are used to support independent living. There are quite a few service users who has bed sensors, floor sensors, chair sensors which indicates if the service users’ moving or not in their bedrooms to ensure their safety. Lastly, call bells are visible in each service users’ bedrooms to ensure that all their needs are attended to. All the above activities are vital in the aim to improve and maintain service users’ physical health and social connections which I believe can contribute to a healthy balanced lifestyle.

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