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Symposium Presentation

Write a short description (200-300 words) of your plan for completing your Symposium Presentation. You might use the following suggestions to guide your thinking:

Describe the form that your Symposium Presentation will take, including your ideas for particular sets of slides or sections of the presentation. You might give a rough outline of your presentation, or highlight certain key points.

“Pitch” to an audience what you plan to say. What are some of the elements of the Symposium Presentation script? How would you describe the intended tone of your presentation, and what writing strategies will you use to achieve that tone?

Describe how your script and images will work together by focusing on a couple of slides. Do your text and your chosen image expand upon each other? Contradict? Clarify? Does the text illuminate the image and vice versa?

Sample Solution

Myspace was one of the most well known sites on the planet in its brilliant age. It despite everything works, except has now been dominated by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other online networking stages. It was the biggest long range informal communication site from 2005 to 2009, which is a decent stretch for the present online life atmosphere. It is an intelligent stage, giving clients the capacity to blog, discover music, look for gatherings, post/find photographs, watch recordings, and that's just the beginning. Let us adventure into the historical backdrop of this striking web based life stage, which drove the web into the domain of a web based life fever. The account of Myspace starts with workers of the now old organization eUniverse, which was a web showcasing organization. In 2003, a couple of the representatives had accounts on the site Friendster (an old social gaming site), and believed that a few components of it had incredible potential. In particular, the workers attempted to gain by the most well known pieces of Friendster. In just 10 days, this gathering of individual made the primary variant of Myspace utilizing the quick web improvement application named ColdFusion. In that limited ability to focus time, accounts, HR, specialized aptitude, data transfer capacity, and server limit was at that point completely arranged. The beginning representatives of Myspace were Brad Greenspan (eUniverse's Founder, Chairman, CEO), Chris DeWolfe (Myspace's beginning CEO), Josh Berman, Tom Anderson (MySpace's beginning president), and developers and other staff from eUniverse (CBS News). It isn't amazing that the main clients of MySpace were the workers of eUniverse. Truth be told, eUniverse made the get-together of new clients focused by causing a challenge to see who to get the most new individuals to join the site. Through the joining of organization workers and by conveying innumerable messages to supporters of eUniverse, Myspace increased noteworthy ground quick. The quantities of individuals developed so quick, that soon it was rivaling the top web-based social networking locales on the planet. This procedure was additionally supported by the capable hands of Toan Nguyen, who balanced out the stage. Furthermore, Co-organizer and CTO Aber Whitcomb did incredible work in programming design at a fast rate. This pace of improvement outmatched other web based life locales, notwithstanding them having bigger groups of designers ("MySpace Marketing"). Myspace developed in participation at a disturbing rate because of it being free and having an assortment of well known capacities. As indicated by Encyclopedia Britannica, "It immediately separated itself from built up long range interpersonal communication locales by permitting—and in certainty empowering—melodic specialists to utilize the site to advance themselves, acquiring Myspace a hip cachet and making it a favored goal site for youth. It additionally built up a notoriety for racier profiles and a raunchier frame of mind than different destinations" ("Myspace"). With it being popular among youthful grown-ups and young people, the site turned into a center of the most up to date age. Truth be told, Myspace was amazing to such an extent that by February of 2005, talks were held with Mark Zuckerberg about acquiring Facebook, however the idea of $75 million was denied (Arrington, Michael). Some huge purges began to occur in the web based life world. In July of 2005, the Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation purchased Myspace for $580 million. The buy was justified, despite all the trouble, as inside one year, the estimation of Myspace significantly increased. The procedure however was to utilize Myspace as a setting to guide traffic to their different locales. Anyway, with this huge buy, Myspace entered the universal market, with forms of the site accessible in the UK, the Netherlands, China, and different countries. By 2007, Myspace was considered the most famous online networking stage on the planet, over Facebook, LinkedIn, and other significant destinations. That was its pinnacle of traffic, and gradually Facebook made strides over Myspace by refreshing every element routinely and making it a more general apparatus than Myspace. To condense, a pioneer in online life, Myspace was resulting from another organization, eUniverse. Its workers in mid 2003 started to build up the site quickly and had rivalries to cause it to develop. Before sufficiently long, with its emphasis on amusement and social holding through interests, it developed to be the world's main online networking stage by 2007. Be that as it may, Facebook assumed control over this situation after some time through its versatile nature and regularly evolving capacities. Works Cited CBS News. "At that point and Now: a History of Social Networking Sites." CBS News, CBS Interactive, 4 Feb. 2014, that point and-now-a-background marked by long range interpersonal communication locales/7/. "MySpace Marketing." Google, Google, euniverse contests&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=myspace euniverse contests&f=false. Britannica, The Editors of Encyclopedia. "Myspace." Encyclopædia Britannica, Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc., 21 Feb. 2019,

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