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  1. WRITE A SYNOPSIS IN THE FORM OF A MEMORANDUM: After watching the video, you must summarize your thoughts in a brief memorandum, which should be addressed to the professor teaching your course. Memorandums (memos) are a common form of business communication found in all criminal justice workplaces. This exercise is intended to help familiarize you with the basic structure and expectations when writing a memo. For this assignment, use the memo template.

The body of the memo should be typed in Times New Roman, black, size 12 font and the margins should not be adjusted from the settings in the template. The body of the memo should provide your synopsis (200 words or more), which must address the following points:

  • What did you think about the information in the video?
  • How does it inform your career thinking and decision making?
  • What insights given by the interviewee were most influential to your thinking? Why?

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ption for adolescents. Future studies should expand on the study by increasing the sample size in order to properly evaluate the cost-effectiveness of DBT-A. CONCLUSION Based on a critical evaluation of the evidence, I conclude that DBT is a promising approach that is empirically-supported to be effective in its goals to reduce suicidality in BPD patients. DBT has challenged the notion of BPD individuals rejecting therapeutic interventions (Allen, 1997) and has shown to be one of the best evidence-supported treatment for a disorder that used to be perceived as “untreatable” (Fassbinder, 2017, p. 2). This essay revealed a correlation between the personality characteristic of impulsivity and suicide risk in BPD patients, and proposed that reducing impulsivity may be the basis of DBT’s success in lowering suicidal behaviour. In particular, DBT’s mindfulness module in skill training demonstrated to be a salient component of crisis intervention, and researchers should aim to further enhance this module to promote higher efficiency when working with suicidal patients. Nonetheless, even with adapting and shortening the treatment, DBT still incurs high patterns of service utilization and therefore high expenditure for its patients. The preliminary efficiency research mentioned above (Haga, et al., 2018) suggested that the treatment has the potential to be cost-effective for individuals with parasuicidal behaviour. Subsequently, more cost-effectiveness studies need to be conducted to systematically measure the input (treatment cost) and output (health improvement) in order for DBT to gain traction and be sustained in healthcare settings. Current strategies should also focus on the neurobiological underpinnings of BPD, to further understand and manage this high-risk disorder, and advance the development and dissemination of a more cost-effective DBT interventio

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