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System functionality of two retailers

will compare the end user experience based on the system functionality of two retailers. An example of system functionality is in-stock notifications. When you are shopping on Target’s site, you select your item, along with size and color. You immediately see if the item is in stock. If it is not, the shopping cart page provides an option to email you when the item is back in stock. On another site (for example, Walmart), the shopping cart page tells you if the item is not in stock; however, it does not give you the opportunity to receive notifications when it is back in stock. In both scenarios, as an IT professional, you need to evaluate the system functionality through the lens of the end user.
You are concerned with the end user experience. When you visit a website or use the app for a an e-retailer, what are you requirements for that website or app? Are you interested in how fast the pages load? Can you compare items? Are these features important to you, and will you continue to use a website that does not meet these requirements? That experience will trigger a return visit to the site based on the most expeditious purchasing experience, variety of items available, quantity of items available, and quickest delivery method. In this activity, you will locate two online retailers and compare them for ease of use as a consumer. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO MAKE A PURCHASE. You will be searching inventory, examining purchasing and shipping options, and reviewing return policies. You will provide a description of your experience and compare the retailers’ purchasing processes.
In your comparison, you will include a table that addresses the following processes, along with a detailed narrative explanation of which retailer has the best system ease of use:
• Inventory process (Are you able to locate the item you wanted? Are you able to compare it to similar items?)
• Purchasing process (Can you add the item to your cart? Are there multiple payment options available?)
• Shipping process (How quickly will items be ready to ship?)
• Return policies (How convenient is it to return an item?)

Sample Solution

Thirdly, Vittola contends that war ought to be kept away from (Begby et al (2006b), Page 332) and that we ought to continue conditions carefully. This is upheld by the "final hotel" position in Frowe, where war ought not be allowed except if all actions to look for discretion fizzles (Frowe (2011), Page 62). This implies war ought not be proclaimed until one party must choose the option to pronounce battle, to safeguard its region and privileges, the point of war. Notwithstanding, we can likewise contend that the conflict can never be the final hotel, considering there is generally a method for attempting to keep away from it, similar to assents or conciliation, showing Vittola's hypothesis is imperfect. Fourthly, Vittola inquiries upon whose authority can request a formal statement of war, where he infers any federation can do battle, however more critically, "the ruler" where he has "the regular request" as indicated by Augustine, and all authority is given to him. This is additionally upheld by Aristotle's Politics ((1996), Page 28): 'a ruler is the normal prevalent of his subjects.' However, he truly does later stress to place all confidence in the sovereign is off-base and has outcomes; a careful assessment of the reason for war is expected alongside the readiness to arrange rival party (Begby et al (2006b), Page 312& 318). This is upheld by the activities of Hitler are considered unreasonably. Additionally, in this day and age, wars are not generally battled exclusively by states yet in addition non-state entertainers like Al-Queda and ISIS, showing Vittola's regulating guarantee on power is obsolete. This is additionally upheld by Frowe's case that the pioneer needs to address individuals' inclinations, under authentic power, which joins on to the fourth condition: Public statement of war. Concurred with many, there should be an authority declaration on a statement of war (Frowe (2011), Page 59-60&63).

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