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Systems development team at a medium-sized organization.

  1. Assume you are part of the systems development team at a medium-sized organization. You have just completed the database design portion of the systems design phase, and the project sponsor would like a status update. Assuming the project sponsor is a VP in the marketing department, with only a high-level understanding of technical subjects, how would you go about presenting the database design you have just completed? How would your presentation approach change if the project sponsor were the manager of the database team?

(1 paragraph)

  1. Analyze the user documentation for a system that you rely upon for either school or work. Describe the type of system and the nature of the documentation. Would you consider it good or bad? Whether good or bad, how might you improve it?

(1 paragraph)

  1. Using your favorite search engine, conduct a Web search for object-oriented analysis and design. What resources did you find?
    Now that you’ve been introduced to both the traditional approach and the object-oriented approach, which do think is better? Why? In what situations do you think one is more appropriate than in others?

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enefit themselves. That is what is happening in this case where Greg is getting paid a higher commission and no one’s rights are compromised (Kaplan eGuide. Chp. 1). If the decisions are applied to the Rawl’s justice theory is being used in this particular case, the result would be, different because Eddie would have to demonstrate fairness to all involved. Eddie is being unfair by giving his brother, Greg the higher commission jobs, which were unfair to all the others involved. Individual rights to fairness and justice are definitely being violated. This is completely unfair and unjust to the other workers that are doing the same job; Greg is doing (Kaplan eGuide. Chp. 1). Conclusion and Recommendation The first recommendation is to act in an ethical manner by giving his brother, Greg the same options he will give to all other technicians, being family doesn’t justify special treatment. It is truly unethical to be given the higher commissioned jobs to Greg because he is Eddie’s brother. He has a corporate social responsibility to abide by certain ethical codes of conduct. ‘Under these ethical codes, organizations are responsible for identifying stakeholders, (those who have an interest in the business’s decisions and will be affected by the outcomes) and responding to their needs and interests’ (The four areas of corporate social responsibility, para. 3. Kaplan eGuide. Chp. 2). Secondly, it is not fair or just to the other workers. ‘Individuals expect that organizations will abide by the laws and that they have the same responsibility as other citizens to follow the laws of their expected jurisdictions (The four areas of corporate social responsibility, para. 2, Kaplan eGuide. Chp. 2). Eddie should have never put Jane in that particular position is viewed as an unethical act being performed. Eddie needs to look over the At-Will Doctrine and should have never threatened Jane her job. What he should have done is to allow her the right to speak up on the issue and take whatever punishment that Brad sees fit. Lastly, Eddie should never been in charge of Greg’s work tickets and commissions, because they are family and someone else that is unbiased sh

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