Ancient Civilizations

This presentation examines the impact of physical geography on the intellectual, cultural, and trade developments of three different ancient civilizations.
Select any three civilizations that existed within the following regions and time periods:
Early Middle Eastern and Northeast African Civilizations -YES
Ancient and Early Medieval India – NO
China and East Asia to the Ming Dynasty – NO
The Greek World from the Bronze Age to the Roman Conquest- YES
The Roman World from 753 BCE to 500 CE – YES
Conduct research on each of your three chosen civilizations. Aim to provide information beyond what is covered in the textbook (which your peers have already read). Focus on research related to:
Intellectual contributions
Patterns of trade and commerce
Create a slide presentation that addresses the prompts for each of your chosen civilizations:
Examine the impact of physical geography on the development of each civilization
Explain the intellectual contributions, artistic forms, and traditions (including the religious beliefs) of each civilization

Sample Solution