Article Analysis: Hot Topic in Current News

Healthcare Article Response Paper: Choose a hot topic that is of particular interest to you that will enhance your knowledge related to your career goals.

Choose an article on a current hot topic from a reliable source like a newspaper or journal such as the NY times, Chicago Tribune, Time, or Newsweek. Must be less than 6 months old. Absolutely no Wikipedia or unreliable online sources. Here are some good examples (also available in the Content area under Assignments):
Compose a 100-150 Word Summary of the article (paraphrased). Give the title of the article in AMA or APA format along with a hyperlink that is functional so your professor can read the article. Note: If I am unable to read the article, you will receive a zero for the assignment and only with special permission will you be able to submit a second time.
Discuss the article in terms of cost, access, quality, and ethical implications on the healthcare delivery system (2 pages, double-spaced MAXIMUM).

Sample Solution