Boundary linkage

Suppose that Braden tells his brother Lee that he has tested positive for COVID-19, but he asks Lee to keep this information to himself. Two days later, the brothers are planning to attend their niece’s 12th birthday party, and Lee wonders whether he should mention Braden’s COVID diagnosis to their mother. Even though Braden specifically asked him to keep the information private, Lee wonders whether the family’s safety is more important than his brother’s privacy. Besides, he and Braden are close. From the perspective of Petronio’s communication privacy management theory, where does the boundary around Braden’s disclosure lie? In your answer, explain whether or not Lee is a co-owner of the information, and if so, whether he has control over who discovers it. Also, identify the kind of boundary linkage Braden and Lee share. Is the boundary around Braden’s disclosure thick or thin?

Sample Solution