Computer Systems Architecture and concepts

Q1. Using your textbook or from the Internet, apply the learning outcomes for the course – Computer Systems Architecture and concepts to a business organization that exhibits and demonstrates these concepts. You should develop a summary of the organization’s strategy and how they use these concepts to compete.
• Whether concerned with buildings or information systems, architecture is a design process that determines the structure, organization, and integration of key components.
• The type and depth of required technology knowledge differ among disciplines of the Unified Process (UP).
• Technical knowledge is also needed to manage an organization’s information systems and infrastructure, with particular attention to compatibility issues and future trends.
• With rapid changes in hardware and software technologies, technical knowledge must be updated constantly.
• A computer is an automated device for performing computational tasks.
• Computer capabilities include processing, storage, and communication.
• A computer system consists of a central processing unit (CPU), primary storage, secondary storage, and I/O devices.
• Computer systems can be roughly classified as personal computing devices, servers, and smart devices.
• A computer network consists of hardware and software components that enable multiple users and computers to share information, software, and hardware resources.
• The role of software is to translate user requests into machine instructions.
• The operating system is the most important system software component in most computers.

Q2. Research a current event that demonstrates a leader who is envisioning the future. You can use the Internet, electronic news agencies, or journals to research a current event that should be fewer than three (3) years old. In your post, address the following:
• A summary of the event
• A brief statement about the relationship of the current event
As a manager, how would you apply what you have learned to an organization?
Include an industry example demonstrating the application of your researched current event.

Sample Solution