Criminal Case Brief

For this assignment, you will research a case and present and present a summary of your findings as a case brief.

Read the following case:
(State v. Curtis, 905 N.W.2d 609 (Minn., 2018) State v. Curtis, 905 N.W.2d 609 (Minn., 2018)

Note: State Supreme Court cases like this can be found in Fastcase by following the below procedure in this video
After reviewing the case, address the following in a case brief:

What are the basic key facts of the case? Provide a summary of the facts.
What are the issues being decided on the case? Be sure to address each of the decisions if there are more than one.
How did the judge come to their decision? What was the rationale in the judges reasoning?
What impact does this case have on the competency requirement for defendants?
Use the below resources to help you structure your Case Brief.

Sample Solution