Critical skills you need for analyzing a visual artwork.


This worksheet is designed to teach you the critical skills you need for analyzing a visual artwork. Follow the steps in this worksheet carefully to organize your thinking. This assignment is worth 100 points. Use the checklists throughout to be sure you meet all requirements.
In Step 1, you will tell a story about the work or tell what the work means to you in some way. If you are allowed to take pictures in the exhibition space, include a picture of the work in this assignment.
In Step 2, you will re-examine the art work in more detail. Connect specific elements of the artwork to your story and tell how the artist made them more or less important in the work.
In Step 3, you will go beyond what the work means to you and judge the work. How is it art and how does it make sense to you?
The combination of these three steps is a strategy for writing about visual art in your own words. You will also be prepared to analyze a film for your next assignment, the Film Worksheet.

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