Dealing with the 2020-2021 COVID19 pandemic

Develop a report, as per the instructions below, on a Small Business you are familiar with or that you can find sufficient information about it in internet

As you know, it can be:

• Start-up,

• a new Franchise.


You will develop and submit an audit report reviewing the basic steps the company has followed to deal with the 2020-2021 COVID19 pandemic period.

  1. Critically explain and evaluate how the company has adapted its strategy since March 2020, the start of the pandemic.
  2. Analyse in detail how the company has dealt with the pandemic situation to protect its employees.
  3. What type of Corporate Social Responsibility programs has the corporation implemented, if any, during the pandemic? How where they communicated to stakeholders?
  4. Summarize the key learnings made by the company during the pandemic. List and carefully comment at least 10 top learnings for the future.

Sample Solution