Select a grade level K-3 and at least one state standards related to mathematical operations. Using the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” develop a lesson based on your selected standards.
K.MATH.9. [NY-K.CC.5a.] Answers counting questions using as many as 20 objects arranged in a line, a
rectangular array, and a circle; answers counting questions using as many as 10 objects in a scattered configuration*

As you are developing your lesson, consider how to create objectives that measure students’ actions and incorporate differentiated learning to meet the needs of students at, above, and below grade level.

What knowledge and skills would need to be taught before this lesson to make sure students are able to retain the content?
What lessons would logically be taught after this lesson to take students to the next level of understanding?
How would you differentiate to meet the needs of students above and below grade level?

Sample Solution