Ethical challenges in every aspect of the criminal justice system

No directly quoted material may be used in this project paper.
There are ethical challenges in every aspect of the criminal justice system. Administrators are responsible for setting the tone for ethical conduct in the administration and operation of their agency.
You are to assume the role of the head (Chief, Director, Warden, etc.) of a fictitious criminal justice agency; e.g., police department or sheriff’s office, local detention center (adult or juvenile) prosecutors’ office, trial court, probation agency, correctional institution, parole board, parole agency, etc.
As the head administrator, you decide it is in the best interest of your agency to have a policy that sets forth how the agency will operate in an ethical manner…. similar to a Code of Ethical Conduct
In your paper you are to describe in detail your plan to insure ethical practices in your selected agency.
• How will your ethical policy be established? (Who will be involved in drafting the document? What resources will be drawn on or references? etc.)
• How will it be communicated to the members of the agency to ensure awareness and adoption?
• How will it be inspected to ensure compliance?
• How will it be reinforced so that members of the agency clearly understand your seriousness?

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