Evidence of test success

On the ePortfolio or as separate attachments in drop-box, include:

  1. Source code. Note: if your project does not involve Python development, provide equivalent information in terms of objects / functions / component you have developed. For example, you may be using an R package, which will require testing, and a description of the functionality of this package.
  2. Information about how to execute the code.
  3. Evidence of test success ( unit tests or screenshots of results) .
  4. Input data files that you tested your code on (in the correct directories relative to the executable).
  5. projectStatus.txt file that includes:

a. A list of every user story and every business rule, with a “yes”, “no”, or “partial” after it indicating its state of completion. Anything that is “partial” should have a brief explanation.

b. For each person in your group, list the different classes and methods that he or she coded or worked on. ( its only me)

  1. Any other files that you think I will need in order to execute your application.

Sample Solution