John wolford

1.Hypothesis Statemen t:Write a hypothesis statement that captures the problem. Specifically, the hypothesis
statement must:
a. Be based on research
b. Be able to be tested
c. Contain independent and dependent variables

  1. Data Analysis : Use the data provided by the instructor to test your team’s hypothesis. Specifically, the Data
    Analysis section must:
    a. Describe the data and the analysis process used
    b. Explain the results of your team’s analysis, including correlations and general statistical information
    c. Explain the results and conclusion of a qualitative analysis
    d. Summarize how the analysis confirms or refutes your team’s hypothesis
    3.Recommended Solution : Create a process based on organizational behavior theory to recommend a
    solution. Specifically, the Recommended Solution section must:
    a. Recommend what this company should do based on the results you found in your data analysis
    b. Describe what other companies that have faced a similar situation have done. Be sure to cite your
    supporting research, which should
    include relevant scholarly articles and practitioner resources (such as Harvard Business Reviewand Forbes )
    c. Explain how will you present this change to the company and implement new processes

Sample Solution