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Consider that you’re working with a hospitality, travel or tourism business which determines that conditions
warrant a change in the amount target markets are charged for the experiences delivered. Identify the key
issues that must be considered related to making those price changes. In other words, if your restaurant is
going to adjust the prices on its menu, or your hotel is going to change its room rates, what are the
considerations (from a marketing perspective) that have to be taken into account before the changes are
made? What are the things the marketer should think about or know before they do anything? [C03 / M09-02]
(Chapter #11, Video: Pricing Strategy | An Introduction, & Video: How to Set Price Strategies in Tourism)


Using yourself as an “optimal” market target for a hospitality, travel or tourism business, identify that business
and describe two distribution channels that the business would need to use to be effective in extending the
availability of their services to you personally. [C03 / M10-02] (Chapter #12, Video: Distribution Strategy | An
Introduction, & Video: Distribution Channels in the Travel & Tourism Industry)
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