Muscle spindle

Bob Parker is stretching and causes the muscle spindle to activate. What specifically is the muscle spindle and why did it “engage in activity”? After stretching, Bob decides to attempt to impress his baby brother, Tony, as he tries to biceps curl 75lbs. What organ will be activated that may stop Bob from causing damage to both his biceps and the tendon. Plus, why is this proprioceptor so important and discuss the process as to how this organ is going to potentially save “Bob’s muscle” and hopefully stop him from hurting himself in front of Tony. Finally, Tony throws his rattle at Bob and it hits him in the face. Then, Tony throws his bottle at Bob, but Bob catches it and unexpectedly juggles it with the rattle (that he picked up just prior to the bottle being thrown at him). Then, Bob almost drops them both before successfully catching them both. Explain how the brainstem and spinal cord play a role in Bob first catching the bottle as well as his unexpected juggling and “re-catching act”

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