Non violent communication

• Were you able to develop peaceful relationships as a result of applying NVC skills? Can you give an example?
• Based on the four basic components of NVC would you be willing to apply these skills in the different spheres of your everyday life? Can you give examples?
• Were you able to access YouTube and other online resources and if they were useful to gain more knowledge on the subjects covered.
• Did you read any other material on a specific session? If so, can you explain by giving references to these sources?
• What was the one thing (most significant) that you learned in a specific session? Explain
• What was the most interesting material you read in a specific session? Why was that?
• Have you changed your mind as a result of what you learned in a specific session? Give examples
• What issues interested you and would like to study further?
• What are your ideas for action based on a specific session?
• What are your reflections on this course and how well did they meet your needs?
• How did this course impact on you in comparison to what you have learned in other ways?

Sample Solution