Strategies to empower patients or families in all aspects of the health care process

This starts with comprehensively assessing the level of understanding and strength a particular patient or family member is at. This will enable a realistic goal and It will give the client the needed motivational support to want to push forward. The motivation will be as a feedback for the patient or family as they may be at the verge of giving up but based on the assessment already done, as the nurse timely feedback will help the patient revive hope and awake the zeal to be involve.

Ex: A patient with a colostomy bag that will be discharged home in a couple of days who has no idea of how to care for his bag, odour is embarrassing for this client and the shame of someone finding out. The nurse will assess how well he can use his dexterity. Then provide information about neutralizing the odor. Also, nurse will present client with data of how many people go about daily activities with a colostomy bag on them.

To empower patients or family member in all aspect of their healthcare involves allowing them to explore their autonomy and bringing all options available to their knowledge with adequate education on each of the options to guide them into making a best choice for themselves.

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