Systemic Review

Using the topic of vitamin D and cardiometabolic disease as the basis for your literature search. Evaluate (2) Systemic Reviews and meta-analysis.
• Use your research skills to locate (1) additional systemic review and one meta-analysis on PubMed relating to vitamin D and cardiometabolic disease. You have the freedom to choose any aspect of cardiometabolic disease in your literature search.
Refer to PRISMA guidelines checklist when reading the article to help you evaluate the study.
Article 2:
• Search PubMed for a recent systemic review and a meta-analysis relating to vitamin d and cardiometabolic disease. The study should be a published human study, age 19yo +, English language and published in the past 5 years.
• Use the Pico method to critically evaluate the article chosen.
• Complete the template addressing each of the prompts provided for Step 2-Article 2

Sample Solution