Trend Analysis

In a 4–5 page paper, use the Financial Trend Monitoring System to identify financial factors affecting the financial solvency of a state, a local, or a nonprofit agency. You may choose a new agency to analyze or use one of the agencies you looked at in a previous assignment. (A federal agency or department should not be used for this assignment.) Using the financial factors from Table 7.1, pick 2–3 factors and conduct a trend analysis.
Evaluate selected financial factors by analyzing financial data over at least the last five years. Title this section Trend Analysis.
See Table 7.1 Factors Affecting Financial Condition for a list of financial factors.
Create a table or chart with each factor indicating the direction of the trend. Title this section Data Analysis. (Note: This section should only consist of at least two or three tables or charts.)
Justify your table or chart for each factor by writing a brief evaluation of the trend. Title this section Trend Evaluation.
Develop and explain a policy statement based on your findings to manage areas of concern. Title this section Policy Statement.

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