Trends in incarceration and crime rates since the 1970s

Based on your previous reading(s): Review and discuss (a) trends in incarceration and crime rates since the 1970s and (b) the empirical literature that examines whether changes in incarceration rates led to a reduction in crime rates during that time period, what has currently changed within the criminal justice system? Does the empirical evidence support the assertion that increasing the use of incarceration reduces crime/recidivism? Please discuss issues of reliability and validity with regard to the empirical studies (assigned reading) you reviewed.
Utilizing your previous readings, there has been a longstanding concern with incarceration and who is most likely to be incarcerated. Considerable attention has been devoted to the issue of race differentials and poverty at several phases of the criminal justice process. Evaluate the problem(s) in the American Criminal Justice System (all components: Police, Courts and Corrections). Write an essay which clearly defines the issues, review the empirical literature (assigned readings), and critiques that literature.

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From the war on poverty to the war on drugs ch 1-5
Breaking the pendulum

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