Terms and Conditions

We are grateful for choosing SuperiorEssayWriters.com. By placing an order with superioressaywriters.com, you agree that you have read and understood SuperiorEssayWriters.com terms and conditions constitute the contract between you the customer and superioressaywriters.com. Using our writing service, shows that you that have attained the legal age and you can purchase any of our services and products. We do not make guarantees regarding your grades, and our agreement is strictly to offer you a unique reference document and service as per you requirements and instructions. By accepting our terms and conditions you authorize us legally to charge your credit card or any other payment service that you are using, with the total amount approved for the custom writing products and service as shown in your order. All clients should are cautioned against unauthorized use of stolen credit card by law and once found will be prosecuted by the law enforcement agencies. We as superioressaywriters.com engage authorities to help us fight cyber-crime and persecute all fraudulent orders for further action.


Our premium writing services are provided in US English or UK English. Our writers are English speakers. Orders, that require to be written in other languages, are first written in English (US) and later translated to the customer’s desired style. Our writing team ensures that our clients receive maximum satisfaction for their orders. We are however not responsible for any delivery inconveniences experienced by you the customer; as a result of spam filters, incorrect emails addresses, and lack of the internet access and neglect. Our support team is available 24/7 to guide you on any problem that you are experiencing regarding your order delivery and application.



The term “website” represents SuperiorEssayWriters.com the word “You,” “Yours”, “Customer” or “Client” signifies you/ the person requesting a provision from SuperiorEssayWriters.com, while “Us” “We” or “Company” represents SuperiorEssayWriters.com Before making an order with us, you must agree to the stated terms and conditions. You must have attained the required age, and after you make an order or a payment, you agree to bind yourself legally with superioressaywriters.com. It is mandatory to adhere to the terms and conditions of the firm.

Free amendment Policy

Our revision system is a service that we offer our clients to ascertain their total satisfaction with their completed order. We offer free revision within the first 14 days of the completion for your order with an exception of 30 days for the review of any dissertation, research proposals, thesis proposals and dissertation chapter writing or any other lengthy assignment. If your revision falls within the set days, we will gladly revise your paper to ensure it is satisfactory based on your initial requirements free of charge. The first instructions should not be changed from the original order description that you give for it to comply with our revision policy. If the set time frame for free revision expires, it will be assumed that the customer was satisfied with his/her order and will no longer be suitable for free adjustments. We will help you solve any challenge that you may be facing in case you missed our free revision period for a nominal fee.

Money Back Guarantee Policy

Our company refunds money if any of the following situations arises:


• When you cancel, an order, which has been assigned to a writer and more than a half of the target time, has lapsed. You will get compensation of 50% of your payment due to the inconvenience caused to us as the company.


• We will give back 70% of the payment made to the company when you recall your order that the writer has started working on and is almost half of the deadline time. The reason will refund seventy percent is so that we can compensate the author adequately.


• 100% of the payment will be refunded to you by the corporation if you choose to withdraw your order before it is assigned to the writer.


In case, you do a double payment we will refund you 100% of your payment since it is your right to reclaim the refund. We will notify you about this by sending you the two receipts for your payment from our payment processing system. When such a case occurs, kindly contact our customer service by forwarding the two receipts through the company’s email, and we will immediately refund you the second payment in the shortest time.


In case the research we submit to you is unsatisfactory, you can send us a refund request by writing to us not later than three days after delivery of your order. If we do not receive you refund the request with 48 hours, our support team will assume you are satisfied with your paper and thus we will not refund you the amount.


All refunds and cancellations of orders should be notified to superioressaywriters.com through communication expressed in writing, through our order messaging system or emailing the customer support department. It is the sole responsibility of superioressaywriters.com to approve or disapprove any request that you make an individual case-by-case consideration basing it on the user agreement violation.

Billing Verification Issue

SuperiorEssayWriters.com protects the billing information about its clients by eliminating fraud to enhance the company’s reputation. When we request you to verify the information about billing, it is your sole obligation to comply to ensure that the necessary billing information satisfies the anti-fraud policies and procedures. All verification issues must be fulfilled within the period provided.


We cannot begin working on your order if payment has not been fully settled. Until the full amount is made, SuperiorEssayWriters.com will not be responsible for the client’s failure to pay for their orders on time.


Discounts policy

Discounts on any of our products and services are not used together and is applied only in a particular order by a customer.

Unclear Instructions

We work directly from your instructions hence we require precise and definite instructions. If the instructions given are not clear and there are no additional information regarding the order, we cannot fulfill any implied warranty and guarantee. Please note that if an order is completed any revision request from the customer should comply with the initial instructions given in the original order. Any changes, that are included on the initial instructions, will be considered as editing and will be regarded as an extra provision, and the corporation will not conduct free revision requested by the customers.


In the event, a customer chooses an improper academic level; the customer shall assume liability for such an issue. It is the customer’s obligation to determine the correct educational level that matches the requirements and the needs of his required task at the time of the order. If you make an error placing an order, contact our customer support staff immediately to assist you with the correction.


It is the clients’ obligation to review the message system that addresses any queries, concerns, or instructions needed by the writer. Our message system is easy and efficient to communicate. If a customer fails to check the messaging system, we shall not accept any refund request issues. If you cannot use the system, contact our technical team at any given time for help or instructions.


If the sources, you have requested for your paper, are rare and not available to the public it will be your responsibility to provide those materials when placing your order within the required time frame before we deliver your order. If you fail to inform our customer service in time, it will lead to the violation of our terms and conditions and forego any claim to the warranty implied.


The customers should provide sources for the orders on the following schedule;


• If an order deadline is 48 hours to 10 days, the customer should provide instructions and sources within the first 4 hours.


• If an order deadline is 12 hours to 24 hours, the customer should provide guidelines and sources within the first 1 hour.


• If an order deadline is 12 hours or less, the customer should provide guidelines and sources within the first 20 minutes after placing an order with us.


By placing an order with SuperiorEssayWriters.com and make payment, you agree to the terms and conditions explained above and abide by the legally binding agreement. You accept that you will receive no additional warranties beyond the aforementioned strategies, terms, and conditions of your outstanding custom paper writing services. We reserve the right to call our customers through email regarding new services, special offers, and discounts that we provide and deem usefully to them.

Refund for Plagiarized Papers

A customer can claim for a refund if the delivered paper is plagiarized. They should show prove of plagiarism by providing plagiarism detection software report. If plagiarism is less than 30% percent, the customer can claim a partial refund, and if it is more than 30% full, refund will be offered to them for their ordered papers.


Warning: Using stolen cards to order for custom papers is prohibited and is considered as a crime. We closely cooperate with various payment processors to help them fight cyber-crime, and we will report any orders purchased fraudulent to the State and Federal Agencies.