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Terrorism threats

Terrorism threats have continued to surface ever since the 9/11 attack. Al Qaeda continues to be a threat to the American nation and its close affiliates. Various agencies such as Homeland have been on the forefront to detecting and thwarting attacks before they happen (White, 2016). It however, the responsibility of each citizen to ensure that they help keep the nation safe. There are several measures that can be taken to prevent any future terrorist attacks by the AL Qaeda.

The American government’s security procedures should be strengthened to safeguard individuals and organizations that may become targets of attacks (White, 2016). This decreases the likelihood of terrorist attacks. And in the event of an attack, the country is prepared to mitigate the consequences. This posture of preparation is necessary for preventing future assaults.

Terrorists undergo radicalized before resorting to violence. Teachers and youth workers should attempt to identify this and, if necessary, disclose their concerns to law enforcement and criminal justice authorities. This manner, radicalization may be halted and prevented from progressing to terrorism.

Terrorist offenses are those committed with the goal to instill fear. Terrorist intent is a factor that increases the severity of the sentence. As a result, the term for an offense committed with terrorist purpose will be heavier than the sentence for the primary offense alone. This is true not just of individuals who commit acts of terrorism, but also of those who want to commit acts of terrorism. Planning an attack, for example, or successfully completing a terrorist training program are also criminal offenses. Sentencing enhancements will aid in the prevention of future assaults.

To summarize, preventing terrorist acts requires the concerted efforts of all citizens. The government’s security and monitoring should be bolstered. Additionally, citizens should be on the watch for suspicious activity and increased penalties for terrorist offenders.

Sample Solution

Pennsylvania. When the monopolies decrease the wages down an enormous rate, workers of an industry will create labor unions and try to protest against them decreasing their, already low, wages. The decreasing of the wages were so bad, that some workers only earned $5 a week. The Homestead Act in 1892 was between the “Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers” and the “Carnegie Steel Company”. It resulted in that the strikers were defeated and a major setback in the unionization of the steel workers. Even in today’s age, monopolies and big businesses can affect workers really harsh. If businesses spread out really big, they do not leave workers large opportunities for different jobs because they are in charge by themselves for this entire category. There is no competition anymore left. Monopoly and Monopsony are closely related. Easier explained: Monopolies are the only seller, and monopsonies are the only buyer. Like the independent journalist, contributing as a writer for the “New York Times” and also the “New Public”, Bryce Covert states: “Monopoly power allows a company that has eaten up an entire industry to fix prices for consumers, driving them higher than they would be if other companies were able to compete in the same market and offer lower prices.” (Covert, 1). If there are no competitions between businesses and industries, one single company can rule their wages, prices etc. all by themselves. And if there actually is a smaller company in the same place, the monopoly can destroy the little business by setting their own prices as low as possible, so all the customers will go to their shop, and so the small business will go broke. The scary thing is, that some companies do not seem like a monopoly at the very beginning, because nobody was paying attention while there were growing their monopoly power. For instance, “Amazon does not, in some respects, look like a monopoly” (Meyer, 3). Three years ago, in 2015, Amazon had less worth than Walmart, but today it is almost three times more worth than the “big-box-king” (Meyer, 3). A quick statistic: Around 44 cents of every single dollar which an American is spending online, goes to Amazon. Not even close, but the next biggest online retailer is eBay, with only six cents of every dollar. Even when the conditions were different back then, the problems and issues are still pretty similar. Jobs and politics back then in the Gilded Age were different than today. Back then in the Gilded Age, most of the employees do not have to have a high degree or at least the requirement were not as strict as today. Today in order to obta

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