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nal auditor also performs a regular test around the year in order to include all types of company operations. So the functions performed by the internal audit of the company have developed. Namely, internal audit become that kind of function which is no longer limited to just testing financial and accounting operations, or even all company operations, it has got the role of testing and evaluating observation systems, and finding and evaluating risks surrounding the activities of the company which reduces related risks in accomplishing the targets of the company. The internal auditing has become a major component of any governing process in the company; it is the function that connects all governing components in the company (management board, auditing committee, external auditor), these various functions have made the internal auditing an activity that adds value. Most professional reports dealing with these developments have confirmed the role of internal auditing in testing and in evaluating observation systems, and in finding out and evaluating treating these risks and governing them. However, the internal audit function in Libya is still concentrating on exercising its traditional role and carrying out the observational function. Therefore, the importance of this role is significant and it should be revealed to industrial companies in Libya in order to illustrate how internal auditing can contribute in supporting the management of the entity. The issue can be framed in the following main question: What role can internal auditing have in Libyan industrial companies to activate corporate governance system? To answer this main question, the following sub questions are formulated: 1. To what extent can internal auditing in Libyan industrial companies do the jobs related to evaluation of internal observation system? 2. To what extent can internal auditing in Libyan industrial companies do the jobs which contribute in evaluating the process of risk management? 3. To what extent can internal auditing in Libyan industrial companies do the activities which lead to forming good relations with the other governing parties? 1.3. The Importance of the Study It includes scientific importance and practical importance as follows: 1.3.1. Scientific Importance The scientific importance of the research appears in contributing to the rese

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