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The benefits of employing a management consultant

One of the benefits of employing a management consultant is the value they add to the client with their expertise as a diagnostician. The process utilized to complete an accurate diagnosis often strains the consultant-client relationship. Both parties might be fearful of uncovering difficult situations during the process. The successful completion of an effective problem diagnosis requires an examination of the external environment, the technology, the economics of the business, the behavior of all members of the organization and the corporate culture. The consultant is tasked with asking the tough questions to managers that can lead to the managers having to justify why they made certain choices or ignored certain factors that appeared to be important.

Discuss how you would convince the client that this diagnosis process is necessary. Identify and support at least three reasons you would give to the client to make your case.
How would you ensure that members of the client’s team are part of the diagnostic process? What tasks would you assign them and why?
Explain how you would present to the client negative information you uncovered in the diagnostic process which should have been addressed previously.

You have been hired by Consulting Magazine to write a blog post (2000-2500 words) for their website explaining the deliver stage of the consulting engagement process (commence, collect, consider, create, counsel & consult). You have been tasked with creating an engaging, enticing blog post with the goal of turning these readers into new subscribing members. You will start by creating an enticing headline which will draw readers to read the article. You want to make sure your blog post is informative, engaging and visually appealing. Use typography, colors and graphics to add a visual appeal to your blog. Use headings and bullet points as needed to break up the text. Your blog should include both text and visual content. Include at least two references to support your work. Make sure you close your blog with a call to action for your readers.

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• altering work methods so that the task that causes exposure is no longer carried out • modifying the process to remove Hazardous Substances including by-products or waste • substituting the hazardous substance with a less hazardous type or form of the substance, e.g. using granules instead of powder to reduce dust levels or a less volatile solvent in a process. states that employers must identify which hazardous substances are present in the workplace. Examples include chemical products, fumes, dusts, vapours, mists, gases and biological agents (germs). COSHH includes regulations about biological agents (germs) that cause diseases such as leptospirosis or legionnaire’s disease. In the workplace, examples might be bleach and other cleaning materials, pesticides, adhesives, acids and gas. COSHH defines how dangerous liquids, powders etc. are stored and used. All items that are covered under the COSHH Regulations have one or more of these pictograms (symbols) shown on the packaging It is important that these products are never left out for individuals or staff to mistakenly drink or misuse. Cleaning materials should never be left out even when staff are taking a short rest break. It is a legal requirement for employers to carry out risk assessments of specific activities to identify where control measures need to be put in place. Risk assessments should identify the hazards, identify people at risk and assess the severity of the risks. Security and Personal Safety – Security and Personal Safety is about risk reduction and the protection of people and property. Organisations have a duty of care for the health, safety and wellbeing of both their staff and clients. By having effective security and risk reduction measures incorporated into their policy procedures and training the likelihood of the organisation, or the individual’s security and personal safety being compromised, will be reduced or eliminated Security measures and procedures should be in place to protect you, your colleagues and the individuals you support. In residential homes, day centres or hospitals there may be people specifically responsible for security. You should know what security systems are in place and how they work. There will be door lock

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