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The best type of firewall

Indicate what you consider the best type of firewall is and why? In your write-up provide the following:

List the type. You can be as specific as naming a brand, but no more general than saying “commercial hardware firewall”.
List the reasons you believe this is the best type of firewall.
Briefly explain the features, and why these features are important from a security standpoint.

Sample Solution

he establishment of the business and the development of its services and products should be realized by the company’s team, and should be private as well as all key aspects and strategies should be confidential. Macro Environment (PEST Analysis) v Political Analysis The UK government has played a significant role in supporting the business friendly environment. The political situation in UK is stable. The rules and regulations are business friendly especially for the Furniture designing business because it is still developing sector. Government has ensured to the furniture designing industry that its long tem plans and policies shall not affect the smooth growth of this sector. Government of UK is providing more opportunities to the local as well as foreign investors to invest in the UK which will produce more opportunities for furniture designing business. v Economic Analysis The current financial crisis is so severe that it has distributed the whole world economic activity. The recession has hit UK badly and now the GDP was negative last year and recession has hurt UK in a very bad way. The businesses are shutting down and people are lying off, one of the main reasons is that economic activity has stopped. This crisis has also effects the furniture designing sector. Due to the less economic activities the core activity of furniture designing business was affected badly because of no growth. But now the situation is improving from 15 to 20 months ago. Economic conditions are in a revival phase. v Social Analysis Public awareness has increase over the period of time and now they are demanding from the companies to be more socially responsible. In UK the Non Government Organization are very proactive and playing role in influencing industries mainly involve of bringing the impacts into public knowledge which also rouse the policy debate. So, furniture designing business needs to support some charitable institutions in order for its smooth and long run growth. People even change their buying behaviour from those companies who are not environment friendly and this could hurt companies badly, so those are enforced by the community to do well for the community as a whole. This social atmosphere is also very ideal to conduct such a business as the emotional support of the community will also be with the business.

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