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The condition of the United States Army at the start of the Korean Wa

  1. What was the condition of the United States Army at the start of the Korean War? Explain why the Army was in this condition.
  2. What was the significance of the Port of Pusan to the U.S. war effort?
  3. What type of maneuver was the Inchon landing operation? What was the significance of the operation?
  4. Why did Truman relieve General MacArthur? Do you agree or disagree with his decision?
  5. What were the four different phases of the Korean War?
  6. Discuss the legacies of the Korean War.
  7. Discuss the multiple perspectives of the Korean War (e.g., perspectives of the North and South Koreans, the Americans, or the Chinese).

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s said, the meeting may take place in thunder or lightning meaning the meeting will filled with disturbances. The reason behind this imagery is to convey the that theme of disorder is caused by not simply Macbeth but by a seed of power planted in Macbeth’s head by the witches. The witches’ goal is ultimately to cause disorder to take place, they wish for chaos to make its way to the top all the way from the bottom. The night after Macbeth kills Duncan many unnatural events have occured, this is due to the natural order that has been disrupted. Ross is speaking with an Old Man, they are discussing the specifics of the occurrences. : “A falcon, tow’ ring in her pride of place, / Was by a mousing owl hawked at and killed.” (II, iv, 15-16)). As stated, an ‘a mousing owl’ has killed a strong; more powerful falcon. This scenario is completely unnatural and is a clear example of the effect of Macbeth killing Duncan as well as the disorder he has caused. Ross also notes that Duncan’s beautiful and intelligent horses have : “Turned wild in nature, broke their stalls, flung out, / Contending ‘gainst obedience, as they would / Make war with mankind.” (II, iv, 20-22). Nature has rebelled against the unnaturalness of killing a king. The Old Man replies ‘Tis said they eat each / other” (II, iv, 23-24). These noble horses have become cannibals, which obviously is extremely unnatural. These strange events are not just unnatural in themselves but they also represent the unnaturalness of King Duncan’s murder. Lastly, and arguably most importantly at the end of the first act the three w

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