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The cost, demand and marginal revenue curves

In the cost, demand and marginal revenue curves for the monopolist, where the monopolist’s production cost is proportional to output and the average total cost are constant and equal to each other, suppose the monopolist can perfectly price discriminate, using a graph, show the monopolist’s profit and give a brief explanation.

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ntroduce lower cooperate tariffs rate in order to keep the flow of the investment coming and also adopting a new strategy of banking deregulation in 2019. The major problem for the UK is to secure British people’s obdurate social and economic rights. The module of European charter of fundamental rights can be adopted and kept in UK which could assure the protection for all the British people and those who are living within the United Kingdom. The signed document of European Convention of Human Rights since 1990 has been in the statue book of UK in order to protect and secure people’s right whether they are at home, office or fighting against discrimination or fair. UK should not just dwell on focusing at the ideological vision but should also give priority to its ordinary people. Therefore, UK needs to build some sort of rational or cogent frame of system which could work for both EU and UK and could act as an economic bridge. In future, the economic consequences will be measured by the policies made by UK depending upon what policies UK actually adopts after leaving EU. The reduction of unification with EU countries which resulted in lower trade will also cost UK more than it has gained from contributing in to EU budgets. The terms of UK’s exit has been finalised and the terms of the future relation between UK and EU has also been taken in concern. After the Parliament’s approval for the bill which was made after the result of referendum in 2016, the government will then introduce the EU withdrawal bill. Moreover, this bill will also have some effect on the UK law as agreed which includes the protection of the people rights during the operation of the implementation period. Before leaving the EU, both UK and EU officials will sit together in order to discuss the future arrangements so that the relation of new kind could start straight away immediately after the exit of UK from EU. These talks will guide both side officials to elaborate the instructions of new terms and conditions which will be followed by the implementation by the end of 2020.

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