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The COVID-19 world pandemic impacted business in new and unusual ways

Write a 3-4 page paper in which you explain functional areas where you would like to intern during your first year at a chosen company and the company’s respective responsibilities and purpose.

The COVID-19 world pandemic impacted business in new and unusual ways. You may have noticed this in your own job and work environment. Companies are more likely now to organize business functions to serve the current and future needs of the company, employees, and the marketplace instead of solely maintaining what we may have thought of as the traditional organizational structure.

This assessment is your opportunity to explore these functional areas, what they look like in a contemporary company, and also where you see your skills fitting within them.

In today’s business environment, most successful leaders view organizational structures and functions as fluid. Frequent restructuring is viewed as a primary means to keep the company competitive and responsive to the ever-changing marketplace.

Human resources, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, production and operations, and information technology (IT) systems are some examples of traditional business functions commonly found in an organization. Functional areas vary within organizations depending on their focus and purpose. Each area contributes in different ways to make sure the organizations reach their objectives and achieve effectiveness and efficiency.

Congratulations! You’ve been hired by a company that produces innovative products. The organization is known for investing in its employees by providing new employees with a well-rounded view of the company in their first year of employment. As a new employee, you’ll have the chance to select two functional areas within the company for which you would like to intern for three months each.

For this assessment, you will:

Choose a company that interests you and research its website.
Select two functional areas in which you would like to intern for in the company you chose. Also select an area that doesn’t align with your current skillset and would require you to grow your skills.
Use the Assessment 1 Template [DOCX] to write a 3–4 page paper in which you explain the responsibilities and purposes of each of the three selected functional areas.
By increasing your understanding of a corporation’s basic functional areas and what they do to support their organization, you will establish a base knowledge on which to build future skills. This assessment also allows you to consider where your current strengths potentially fit into the needs of an organization. In a later assessment you’ll consider how those functional areas might interact to solve problems.

Write a 3–4 page paper in which you explain the responsibilities and purposes of each of the two functional areas you have chosen.

  1. In preparation for your paper, review your chosen company website to learn how these five traditional functional areas operate in that business. The interactive activity Organizational Structures and Goals can take you through the first few steps of exploring these areas and completing your assessment.

Human resources.
Sales and marketing.
Information technology.
Production and operations.
Finance and accounting.
Note: You’ll use your chosen company and its website as a source of information for all your assessments. So make sure it’s big enough to have at least the following: detail about the company’s functional areas; a mission, vision and ethics statements; teams and teamwork; and activities related to corporate social responsibility (CSR).

  1. Review the interactive activity QuickStart: Functional Areas of Business to learn the responsibilities of the different functions and trends in business. This activity is linked in the Assessment hub page and counts toward engagement. Gather any additional background you need on the topic including reading the resources in “First Steps.”
  2. Choose two of the five functional areas above to intern for during your first year as a new employee. Research the two functional areas to find out about the purpose of each and how it helps the company accomplish its strategic goals. Cite at least three to five resources in your paper and list them on the reference page. Write a 3–4 page double-spaced paper that includes the following:

Introduction. (1 paragraph.)
Describe your chosen company—use your imagination and explain your assumptions about this company.
Describe at least two of this company’s organizational goals. For example: all products sold meet Federal Drug Administration (FDA) approval; or utilization of innovative technology and new patents is a priority.
Identify two functional areas where you would like to complete your internship sessions during your first year.
Identify one additional functional area where you feel you would need to gain additional skills to have a successful internship

Sample Solution

John Searle’s famous “Chinese Room” argument that was discussed in Chapter 2 of How the Mind Works, was one of the most interesting arguments to display claims of artificial intelligence. Basically the claim as that computers can and will at least try to master the act of thinking. The argument was based upon how Searle sees himself in a room alone and is trying to follow and get on board with a computer that is that is responding to Chinese characters. However, Searle knows he is not able to grasp or understand any of it, yet he attempts to manipulate numbers and a variety of symbols in order to trick those outside of the room. His manipulation of such numbers and symbols, produces Chinese characters, which allows him to convince those outside the room that there is someone who can actually speak Chinese inside the room. Searle believes that though the computer appears to understand what is going on, in all reality it actually doesn’t understand it. It can be concluded that purpose of this argument was the refute the point that a computer can function on its own. Searle believes that if a man cannot understand Chinese even when he was manipulating numbers and symbols, then neither can computers. A computer is no human and can never be like one. Pinker’s response to the “Chinese room” argument is reluctant. He says that Searle has stated nothing to do with something that can be scientifically valuable. And that Searle is merely stating about the word “understand”. In fact, it is talked about in abroad way, which isn’t too clear or concise. Pinker says that humans are filled with meat, while computers are filled with information. Humans need the right buttons to be pushed before he/she can accurately process information. Similarly, computers need the right information when processing in search for other information. Both need some sort of push in order to be successful and without that push humans and computers both cannot function and “understand”. Pinker feels that we can be just as unreliable as computers can be.

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